Selling Your Historic Home


Selling your older or historic home requires deep knowledge of various architectural styles used in Minnesota, understanding of popular construction methods & mechanical systems and appreciation of history. 

Not only is it important to list your vintage home with a REALTOR who has a trained eye; being represented by a REALTOR while looking to BUY a historic home is just as crucial.

The Randy Kellogg Real Estate Group nurtures a network of valuable restoration specialists, experts and guides that is invaluable to clients that want to purchase an older home.  Those who embark in the exciting and rewarding process to buy a home with heritage, from purists to renovators- will want to be connected with a database of reviewed contractors.  Know what you’ve got!

We love history, good design & sustainability.  You may be surprised to learn that buying old is buying green. There are countless reasons why buying and preserving a vintage home is the sustainable way to live. Here are a few that top our lists;

                Old growth wood. Wood from 100 years ago is old growth- meaning the tree grew much more slowly and has taken the past 100 or so years drying out. The rings in old wood appear closer together. Newer pine wood can be as young as 20-30 years!

                Old windows.  There is a common misconception that old windows are causing major heat loss. Simply not true! Windows older than 1960 were made to repair- not replace (as a rule). While it’s true that glazing, resealing & reframing may need to happen- but the majority of heat loss is happening from the joists in the walls and the roof. There are so many ways to insulate other areas of the house and significantly improve your R Values.

                Community. There is a sense of time and place, of setting- that many older homes embody. Many historic beauties are sited walking distance to shops and dining. Surrounded by mature trees and vegetation which naturally offers insulation, visual interest and surprisingly- give you savings on utility bills. See this website for more information about how trees save you money: Homes that are in rural areas offer their own unique love story.


Knowing how to research an old home is vital to a successful sale.  Requiring more time and detective work. Outside resources must be referred to and utilized, working with a Certified Old Home Specialist gives you the advantage you need.

Creative and outside-the-box marketing strategies should apply when listing history.  Moreover, a house built in 1875 will want to stand out from the market pack. It’s been around for 140 years and deserves it!  Sellers should keep in mind that it can take longer to sell that gem, and the “right” buyer may take more time to come around. Patience really is a virtue.