How to Set Your Selliing Price
By Randy
June 20, 2017

How to Set Your Selling Price

When you decide to sell your home, one of the things you'll need to do is to determine an asking price. This can be difficult because you need to find a balance between attracting good offers and getting a high profit.

As you figure it out, you'll learn about fair market value, which means the amount that you and the buyer can agree on (can be subject to some conditions). It is different from an asking price.

Overpricing sometimes also works to your advantage, but be careful; ...

Personal Property: What is Included with the Sale of Your Home?
By Randy
May 23, 2017

When you list your home, there are many items you may not consider as being a part of your home that legally conveys to the buyer as part of the purchase agreement.  To avoid confusion and potential problems at the closing table or at the buyer’s final walk-through of your home, here are some items and fixtures that should remain with the home;

  • Trees, perennials, shrubs.
  • “Hardscapes” (retaining wall blocks, patio lights, pavers, water fountains)
  • Window Coverings (Blinds, Curtains, other window treatments and all related hardware)
  • <...
Breaking Down the Offer
By Randy
May 11, 2017

Breaking Down the Offer  

For a seller who has a house in the market for quite a while, it's exhilerating to get a call telling you that someone is making an offer. You go through a series of emotions - intitially you feel ecstatic, the next moment when everything sets in, you start to worry thinking that the offer may may not be as good as you were hoping for.

Don't stop at the price. Look at the ...

Don't Make These Seller Mistakes
By Randy
April 12, 2017

Seven Costly Mistakes Sellers Make

There are many good ways to invest in real estate. Hopefully you got some of your insight from us. 

There are a lot of mistakes sellers can get into when they put up their house for sale. There was a seller in Virginia who had a half bath that was originally placed at the front of his house. He thought that it would be better if it was moved to the back of the main level. All the ...

By Randy
February 6, 2017

Fireplaces Will Help Sell a House

Buyers in general are more attracted to houses with fireplaces. They give a warm and cozy feel. They usually become the centerpiece of a room. Fireplaces add to the aesthetic appeal of a house.

They also keep houses warm during cold times. Even though there are already other possible sources for heat, it can still come in handy when there is no power during storms.

There are other states like California where a house a house needs to have a fireplace in order to be sold. But ...