New or Old?
By Randy
May 4, 2017
New House or an Old One? When you think about buying a home, one of the first questions that come to mind is whether you buy an old house or a new one. A new house may be attractive because everything is new. Nothing has been used yet. The walls are clean, the closets have never been used before, they come with energy-efficient appliances and you won't have to spend on repairs because of wear and tear. On the other hand, you may fall in love with traditional look and feel of an old house. When you're at a crossroad, ...
Breaking Down the Offer
By Randy
May 11, 2017
Breaking Down the Offer   For a seller who has a house in the market for quite a while, it's exhilerating to get a call telling you that someone is making an offer. You go through a series of emotions - intitially you feel ecstatic, the next moment when everything sets in, you start to worry thinking that the offer may may not be as good as you were hoping for. Don't stop at the price. Look at the rest of the offer. Focus on how much net you're going to get. Your agent should be able to explain ...
Personal Property: What is Included with the Sale of Your Home?
By Randy
May 23, 2017
When you list your home, there are many items you may not consider as being a part of your home that legally conveys to the buyer as part of the purchase agreement.  To avoid confusion and potential problems at the closing table or at the buyer’s final walk-through of your home, here are some items and fixtures that should remain with the home; Trees, perennials, shrubs. “Hardscapes” (retaining wall blocks, patio lights, pavers, water fountains) Window Coverings (Blinds, Curtains, other window treatments and all related hardware) Washer and Dryer Refrigerator, Dishwasher & free-standing Range Built-in ...
Moving Tips
By Randy
May 26, 2017
Summer Moving Tips Summer officilally kicks off this weekend with the start of Memorial Day.  Moving in the summer when many people do in our region of the country, can be a challenge. Preparation goes a long way in ensuing a smooth transistion; Here are ten tips you can follow for an easier move: Think about this: Can I handle the move alone? or do I need to hire a licensed moving company for a full-service or partial-service move? The answer to this depends on your family's budget, available time and lifestyle. Before you choose a moving company to ...