Am I Ready to Buy a Home?
By Randy
January 5, 2017
Am I Ready to Buy? Readines when it comes to buying a home takes more than just money. There are other factors involved - factors not involoving money but can be as important. People make decisions not just based on financial issues but on other things as well like your personality, abilities and values. Probably one of the most important consideration you'll have is the environment. What kind of place or neighborhood do I want to live in? City Versus Suburbs Your personality influences your choice of where to live. Do you want to live in a quite neighborhood? ...
Seller Etiquette
By Randy
January 13, 2017
How to Keep Good Seller Etiquette When you put up your house for sale, you will come across different people - both pleasing and difficult to deal with. You will be meeting potential buyers, unqualified buyers, agents and unknown vendors. There is an unwritten protocol to how sellers, buyers and their respective agents interact. If you are having a hard time dealing with people, let your agent know so they could help you solve the problem. The aggressive agent When you hire an agent, they become the primary contact person with regards to the sale of the house. But there ...
Sellers Should Think Like a Buyer
By Randy
January 18, 2017
Think Like a Buyer As a seller, your goal is to sell your home in the soonest possible time at the most favorable price. To achieve this, there are many factors involved. Some of these factors like the home's condition, asking price and marketing strategy are factors that you can control. However there are some other things that influence a buyer's decision in buying a house. When you enter the market, you need to understand most buyers' wants and needs if you want to be succesful. Competition is tough so you need to know what your buyers want. Your real ...
Roles of a Real Estate Agent
By Randy
January 30, 2017
The 7 Roles of a Real Estate Agent Their major responsibility is to protect your interest as a buyer and as their client. Their main roles are the following: Educates you about your market. Negotiates on your behalf Analyzes your wants and needs. Guides you to homes that fit your criteria. Coordinates the work of other needed professionals. Checks and double-checks paperwork and deadlines. Solves any problem that may arise.