By Randy
February 6, 2017
Fireplaces Will Help Sell a House Buyers in general are more attracted to houses with fireplaces. They give a warm and cozy feel. They usually become the centerpiece of a room. Fireplaces add to the aesthetic appeal of a house. They also keep houses warm during cold times. Even though there are already other possible sources for heat, it can still come in handy when there is no power during storms. There are other states like California where a house a house needs to have a fireplace in order to be sold. But Gopal Ahluwalia, director of research for the ...
Happy Home, Happy Heart
Happy home, happy heart. Home is where the heart is. Home Sweet Home. We have heard it all, every idyom that exists regarding (happy) homes.  But what does this all mean?  At the root of it, why do use happy and home synonymously...? Beacause home is a feeling.