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Newbie Home Buyers

7 Useful Tips for Newbie Home Buyers 

Are you excited to purchase a new house for the first time? Here are useful tips that are sure to help you in your new venture. 

  • Do a research on how much comparable properties cost in the same area. There are websites where you can do this. Websites like National Association of Realtors allow you to search actual MLS listings in your area. Websites like
Dreaming about how this home looks on this bright Minnesota day....

Dreaming about how this magnificent home is looking and feeling on this chilly but gloriously sunny winter day....

8 Tips Involved with Selling

8 Steps Involved in Selling Your Home

  • Take time to think about why you want to sell your home. It can be from a need to move to another place or you need to find a bigger home for your growing family. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish from this sale. As you think about this, you need to also define the time frame and profit margin that you have in mind. Discuss these goals with your real estate agent.
  • Set your price. In setting the selling price, you need to be fair. You ...
Selling in the Winter Months

Why Listing your home in January/February/March is so important!

If you've been considering selling your home, beating the spring market is definitely a great idea. Our team has listed the top reasons why listing now will significantly improve your odds of getting your home sold fast and why it will help you capture a higher percentage of your list price.

  1. A promising economic atmosphere stimulated strong growth in the Twin Cities real estate industry last year. Financial institutions helped accelerate that growth with favorable offers to consumers, which ...