Breaking Down the Offer
By Randy
May 11, 2017
Breaking Down the Offer   For a seller who has a house in the market for quite a while, it's exhilerating to get a call telling you that someone is making an offer. You go through a series of emotions - intitially you feel ecstatic, the next moment when everything sets in, you start to worry thinking that the offer may may not be as good as you were hoping for. Don't stop at the price. Look at the rest of the offer. Focus on how much net you're going to get. Your agent should be able to explain ...
New or Old?
By Randy
May 4, 2017
New House or an Old One? When you think about buying a home, one of the first questions that come to mind is whether you buy an old house or a new one. A new house may be attractive because everything is new. Nothing has been used yet. The walls are clean, the closets have never been used before, they come with energy-efficient appliances and you won't have to spend on repairs because of wear and tear. On the other hand, you may fall in love with traditional look and feel of an old house. When you're at a crossroad, ...
Don't Make These Seller Mistakes
By Randy
April 12, 2017
Seven Costly Mistakes Sellers Make There are many good ways to invest in real estate. Hopefully you got some of your insight from us.  There are a lot of mistakes sellers can get into when they put up their house for sale. There was a seller in Virginia who had a half bath that was originally placed at the front of his house. He thought that it would be better if it was moved to the back of the main level. All the other similar models had the powder room in the same place for the past 20 years. It ...
Am I Ready to Buy?
By Randy
March 28, 2017
Am I Ready to Buy? Readines when it comes to buying a home takes more than just money. There are other factors involved - factors not involoving money but can be as important. People make decisions not just based on financial issues but on other things as well like your personality, abilities and values. Probably one of the most important consideration you'll have is the environment. What kind of place or neighborhood do I want to live in? City Versus Suburbs Your personality influences your choice of where to live. Do you want to live in a quite neighborhood? ...
Happy Home, Happy Heart
Happy home, happy heart. Home is where the heart is. Home Sweet Home. We have heard it all, every idyom that exists regarding (happy) homes.  But what does this all mean?  At the root of it, why do use happy and home synonymously...? Beacause home is a feeling.